"Shortly after my mother (84) had to spend a period of time in a residential home, we contacted Beth from "Physio@Home" who came in a couple of times a week over a short period of time.

These appointments helped get my Mum back on her feet and back home. She continued having weekly appointments at home over a very difficult time for her. Not only has Physio@Home helped in improving mobility but also her confidence. They were very proactive when a hospital visit was needed recently and liaised with the NHS staff.

I would certainly recommend their services, Beth has a great rapport with the elderly."


"I have been working with Beth as my private physio after suffering a stroke. I find Beth valuable to my rehab, she has access to Saebo and good NHS links. She is always fun and willing to facilitate my desires i.e. walking on the beach. She gets the best out of me every session with a no-nonsense approach but remains friendly. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Beth and she is an asset to getting my arm moving again."


age 38

"In the summer of 2018 I suffered a nasty stroke which partially incapacitated the right side of my body, and I spent the next year and a half in different rehabilitation centres in Great Britain and Europe. In 2020 I begun physio- and hippotherapy sessions [I rode regularly before the stroke] which I continue to this day. Hydrotherapy as an additional recuperation activity was strongly recommended by my riding trainer and, following her suggestion, I have been working with Beth in regular weekly sessions [except for the periods of strict covid lockdowns] since March 2021. Beth is a highly competent hydrotherapist, genuinely interested in my well-being, including progress of my other therapeutic activities, and imaginative in devising new exercises that might help my rehabilitation. She is a stern but friendly instructor, always patient with my imperfections, and—important—has a reassuring sense of humour which effectively sustains my determination to continue my often-tiresome efforts in the water and keep up good spirits. Most recently she helped me find a local gym—an additional activity I have undertaken-- suitable to my needs and called its owner to recommend me to his attention. All in all, Beth is an unusually gifted therapist and I would unhesitantly recommend her to any disabled person in need of rehabilitation."


"I suffered a stroke and heart attack in January 2020 and spent six weeks in hospital both locally and in London. The stroke left me very weak on my right side, unable to walk and with minimal movement in my right arm.

Prior to discharge my son made enquiries about private physiotherapy services for when I was back home. The local private hospital recommended Physio@Home, as they were local to where I live and neurology qualified which is important for stroke rehabilitation.

In March 2020 Beth carried out a very thorough assessment of my condition and listened to what I hoped to achieve. She was sensitive to my ambitions but realistic in setting out the goals I wished and was expected to achieve. Her professionalism shone through from the outset. The long journey of recovery began and continues to this day.

Beth has provided invaluable guidance and continues to do so, in a supportive firm and friendly manner. She is always encouraging me to achieve my goals, even on days when I find progress a little frustrating. I was initially told by another physiotherapist not to expect any movement in my arm and yet thanks to Physio@Home I now have movement and continue to make good progress. From not being able to walk in early 2020 and wheelchair bound, I can now walk again, albeit small distances, without any form of mobility aid. Thanks to them I can now drive a car again. Encouragement strongly comes through at every session. "


"My wife and I had the 4 o'clock in the morning call that all parents dread. Our son, 29 years old, had had a serious motorcycle accident in Bali. He was in a critical state, with serious head injuries and brain damage, in a coma in a hospital in Bali. What followed was massive anguish and uncertainty, air ambulance jet repatriation a thousand miles away to Singapore, five weeks of fantastic hospital treatment, and then repatriation to UK.

At that point we were more or less on our own; the first available appointment offered for physiotherapy was more than a month away. We came to Beth via a personal contact and she was the best thing that could have happened to us. Beth is definitely not a 'one size fits all' therapist. She listened carefully to the detail of his situation. She carried out her own assessment. Then she devised targeted exercises specific to his needs.

Each visit progressively moved him along the road to improving balance, strength, physical co-ordination, hand to eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and, of equal importance, confidence in his ability to get his old life back.

Beth stressed that her visits were to demonstrate and advise, so that our son's own daily routines in between visits, would be best suited to his continuing improvement.

In those early months she gave him the encouragement, confidence and motivation that he so badly needed.

No one who now meets our son has any idea that he suffered brain injury. Even his old friends cannot tell the difference between the before and after. He was undoubtedly lucky, but a significant chunk of his luck came from knowing Beth. "