Functional Electrical Stimulation (also sometimes referred to as Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, NMES) is a rehabilitation modality which is widely used in physiotherapy to create a muscle contraction using an electrical impulse. Small pads are placed on the skin over the nerve/muscle that you want to stimulate and then an electrical pulse is applied to create the contraction- trust us it isn't as painful as it sounds! Here at Physio@Home we use the AvivaStim and MyoTrac Infiniti devices with our clients. The AvivaStim is a small handheld device which has both set programmes and can be triggered manually. It is easy to use and compact so ideal for home use. The MyoTrac Infiniti is a more complex unit used by our therapists and has a biofeedback system alongside the FES. This allows us to monitor real time muscle activity, allowing the client to have better control over contracting or relaxing their muscles.

Both devices were developed to prevent or slow down muscle weakness, improve motor impairment, and to re-educate and strengthen weakened muscles.

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