Community Support

We believe that a big part of our role as physiotherapists is to support our clients in returning to everyday activities, whether that is going back to work, resuming previous hobbies or re-learning social skills in the local community. Examples of how we have done this for previous client's are:

  • Attended gyms to assist with setting up gym programmes
  • Taken them swimming in local pools and hydrotherapy pools for the first time
  • Supported them on travelling on the bus for the first time
  • Practised walking the route required to pick their children up from school
  • Attended exercise groups as support for the client
  • Trip to the beach to practise walking on sand before a holiday

If there is something in particular that you are worried about doing for the first time or need support in achieving then we are always happy to discuss these with you.

Elderly Couple with Walking Frame and Stick on the Sidewalk

Call us

We are always happy to discuss your individual situation, so please don't hesitate to call us for an informal chat on 01206396789, or email us on to see if we can help.